Annexus Advertising & Graphic Design  –  always quick, flexible and stylish.


Our design is always stylish, current and trendy.


It is important for us to follow both Finnish and the latest international trends, but – at the same time to remain original in creating fresh & different advertising and graphic design to our clients.



Annexus Advertising & Graphic Design's 'light organisation' provides excellent tools for flexible service and designing process giving the best of our graphic design knowledge to the clients' benefit.

We always give each project a specified price offer as well as an exact schedule – only the working hours are flexible!



Annexus Advertising & Graphic Design reacts to the modern, visual world quickly, visibly and loudly.

To guarentee our clients' full satisfaction and to aim to the best possible result, we co-operate only with the best of printing houses, media agencies, translators and other professionals. 

“I love my work as graphic designer. It's not just a job for me; it's my hobby and my passion. To make high-quality, current graphic design one must be creative, interested, skillful and brave – always seek for new, original & fresh ways to make the best out of client's product. 

Lohikaarme Elainten maa -kirjasarjasta

Marsa Pihlaja, graphic designer


– fresh & different advertising.

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